Clock Repairs

I am proud to offer the complete specialist repair service for all types of Clocks and Barometers.

What is involved in a Clock Movement Service?

  • The movement is completely disassembled, each individual part is examined for wear, and if necessary repaired
  • Arbors can be re-pivoted
  • Pallets refaced where necessary
  • Pivots re-shaped and polishes, Pivot holes re-bushed
  • Springs replaced if required
  • New lines are fitted to Fusee and weight driven movements if needed
  • Wheel and pinions re-cut and wheel teeth repaired
  • Each part is then professionally cleaned, the movement re-assembled, oiled and tested

Only by doing the complete job can we guarantee that your clock will give you many years of good service and timekeeping.

Other Services I can also Provide:

  • Full dial restorations, including enamel dials
  • Case refurbishment and restoration
  • Sympathetic restoration/conservation to historical time pieces