Two clocks were giving problems, a round post office clock & an ancient lantern clock that dates from the 1680’s. Had a couple of people look at them in the past but they never seemed to be right. Andrew was discovered through a jeweller in Trowbridge after a suggestion of a friend of a friend (sadly he doesn’t advertise as he is so busy and a shame as he really knows his stuff and would have saved us time searching ) so we thought we’d ask his opinion. How pleased we were that we did. He visited us and explained what he thought were the problems with the two clocks in a simple but authoritative way and said he would have to take them away. We were apprehensive as they are a part of our family but agreed that it was OK. He promised we would get an email receipt on his return home along with a photo of the clocks, true to his word it was emailed through. The quote to repair/restore both clocks came through a few days later which was a little more than we thought but we agreed and left it at that. We received several updated emails with pictures as the work proceeded and after about five weeks the clocks were done and ready to be brought back all done and dusted. Andrew arrived and sorted the re-hanging of both clocks and spent an age advising on how to wind etc. but not in a patronising way and all was well and the clocks have and are working the best they ever have. We did have one issue, nothing to do with Andrew, where our dear granddaughter pulled the rope on the lantern clock and it fell off of the wall and, thankfully, landed on the sofa. Andrew arranged to come back out to us some 15 miles from his premises and did what was required at no charge. At all times professional, honest and very reliable with good old fashioned service. Thank you from the Perry family.